7 Amazing Stoner Albums

Being a bunch of total stoners ourselves we have decided to bring you a few of the best albums to listen to
whilst high. This is by no means a comprehensive list (we could go on
and on and on) but these are what our team are currently listening to.
1 Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
In Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd have not only produced one of the
albums of all time but also produced an album that is almost totally
synonomous with smoking weed. Classics such as Time and Money and the
etherial ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ are all true stoner classics. If
you have never heard of this album you really need to sort your life

2 Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl
Joe Bonamassa is arguably the greatest guitarist of all time. This
amazing bluesy/rock combo is what all rock albums should aspire to be.
We cannot do Joe Bonamassa true justice with words, so the best bit of
advice we can give you is to get incredibly high, sit back and attempt
to take in some of the mind blowing guitar solos!
Top tunes – check out Slow Train and Dust Bowl or any of his live
performances, you’ll only realise how unbeliveably good he actually is
after seeing him live!

3 Massive Attack – Protection
The excellent second album from Bristol (UK) born, trip hop group
Massive Attack. Known for producing some of the best chill-out tunes
of all time in Teardrop and Unfinished Sympathy. Protection is a
truely great stoner album that demands the lighting of a fat J before
melting into the sofa.
Top tracks – check out Protection, Sly, Three and Spying Glass
featuring Horace Andy.

4 Portishead – Dummy
Another truely brilliant album that originates from Bristol (what is
it with this city?). In the UK, Dummy is one of THE all time stoner
classic albums providing a whole host of excellent, trippy, chilled
out tunes. We can’t tell you enough how much we love this album!
Check out Glory Box, Mysterons, Sour Times and Roads.

5 Bonobo – Black Sands
Probably the best and most well known producer of chillout beats at
this current time. Bonobo has a string of brilliantly chilled tunes,
too many in fact to list here. Black Sands is probably the biggest of
his ablums but we’d definitely recommend checking out his newer stuff
as well. An incredible live performer.

6 Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs
One of the Kings of chillout beats, Emancipator’s wonderful album
takes you on a soul searching journey. A ‘lay in the grass and stare
at the clouds’ kind of album.

7 Alt J – An Awesome Wave
Recent winners of the Mercury Music prize and for a good reason. A
great album that is really different to most other’s that you’ll hear.

*Other albums we are currently listening to worth a mention are
Blockhead – Music By Cavelight and SB2 by Gramatik.*


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