About Us

BitcoinSeedstore logoAt www.BitcoinSeedstore.com we love Cannabis Seeds and we love Bitcoin. Buy quality Cannabis & Marijuana Seeds for Bitcoin for some of the best prices on the web!

We like the fact that Bitcoin provides the easy transfer of value on an unprecedented scale. Transactions can be quickly sent and accepted by the network no matter where you are in the world – as long as you have an internet connection you can send and receive Bitcoin payments.

We like the fact that the Bitcoin network is secure. Although it is possible for a personal account of yours to be ‘hacked’ the Bitcoin network itself has NEVER been hacked. As long as you take the due care and attention to set up your security correctly you should never have to worry about the safety of your Bitcoins. Indeed it is a lot safer that traditional internet banking.

We like the fact that the use of Bitcoin offers users increased anonymity to that of the traditional banking sector – the network verifies the payment and not the identity. No longer will people have to worry about being ‘blacklisted’ by banks or provide anymore details than are actually needed to make the transaction happen.

And finally we love the fact that using Bitcoin gives people  freedom from the financial tyranny of banking institutions and that the value of what you hold cannot be whittled away by a mix of ever creeping inflation and Quantitative Easing.

Our primary aim as a company is to help promote the use of Bitcoin around the world and help it to gain traction as an accepted currency.

We hope that by providing people with alternative ways to spend and use their Bitcoin we will help the Bitcoin economy to grow and flourish into something far stronger than it is currently, we want it to become the internets currency of choice!

We offer our customers quality sourced cannabis seeds for excellent prices – the use of Bitcoin allows us avoid paying the charges associated with traditional banking/credit card companies meaning we can pass the savings onto our customers.

As well as loving Bitcoin we love the idea of preserving plant genetics for future generations. Our further aim is to help preserve cannabis seed genetics for the future whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a reasonable legal framework.

Cannabis seeds sold on our website are sold for collection or consumption purposes only. Under no circumstance attempt to cultivate and grow and Cannabis seeds that we provide.

For more information please visit our site www.bitcoinseedstore.com and get in touch if you have any questions.



Free cannabis seeds with all bitcoin and other alt-coin payments!

Check out our Promos and Offers page and you can get FREE cannabis seeds with all bitcoin and other alt-coin payments! We also offer several other deals and freebies!


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