BitcoinSeedstore teams up with PotSnob mobile app

Owners of the PotSnob app Efftec International, Inc. (OTC: EFFI), are pleased to announce that they recently have executed a formal Strategic Partnership Agreement with online UK Cannabis Seed seller

Potsnob app


PotSnob offers users the most stunning way to browse marijuana strains.  The PotSnob mobile app provides detailed information about various cannabis strains including scientific testing data, hi-res photos, and recommended food pairings to go along with each type of weed.

The synergies between Efftec’s PotSnob iOS™ and the services and markets provided by BitcoinSeedstore are both direct and relevant, and as such, the Companies are very pleased to be working together for mutual benefit.


Potsnob Mobile app

As a provider of a large number of high-quality, high-potency cannabis seed strains, we are absolutely delighted to announce this partnership and believe it completely makes sense to share strategies and ideas in a rapidly expanding market.

We are currently  advancing discussions on a number of collaborative efforts which we envision will be highly advantageous to both, and we expect material agreements be agreed upon in the very near future.



About PotSnob

PotSnob provides users a sleek and intuitive way to access detailed information pertaining to their favorite cannabis strains. With its new navigation and search functionality put in place, finding your preferred strains has never been this easy. Additionally, the new PotSnob provides laboratory tested THC/CBD levels, concise but detailed strain descriptions, as well as individually paired food recommendations (‘munchies’) for each strain. The newly redesigned PotSnob app is the cannabis connoisseurs’ best friend and companion.


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