Cannabis Strain Review: Blue Widow

Blue Widow

Dinafem Blue Widow Marijuana Strain

Blue Widow Marijuana Strain

Dinafem have really outdone themselves with this wonderful cannabis strain. Blue Widow comes from the crossing of an F1 Blueberry and a particularly potent strain of White Widow. If smoked it produces an astonishing amount of full bodied smell and flavour. The intense sweet & sour taste of White Widow and the forest berry aroma of Blueberry, when mixed, create a blend of fruity sweets that smells something akin to chewing gum.

It’s Blueberry parentage means that in low outdoor temperatures this plant will display autumnal colours, turning from blue to purple and even reddish colours when the temperature drops even further. Blue Widow is well known for producing good yields when grown outside.



Medicinal Properties

Type: Hybrid

Symptoms: Pain, Depression, Stress

Conditions: Anxiety, Migraines

Effects: Relaxed, Laughter, Happiness


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