Germinating Chilli Seeds

chilliesGerminating Chillies.

Chillies seeds can be germinated very much like any other seed. In order to give your seeds a bit of a helping hand in germinating you should start by placing your seeds between two sheets of damp paper towel and put into a either a sealed sandwich bag or clear plastic container.

Place the bag somewhere warm such as in an airing cupboard or sunlit window ledge. Using this method will help keep in the heat and the seeds moist, thus speeding up the germination process. Make sure you label your seeds so you have some idea of what is what!

After 2-5 days you’ll probably begin to notice some of the seeds will have swelled and may be even be starting to sprout. Now is the time to plant them. Ideally you should use some kind of propagator but in reality they can be planted in any kind of clear container.

You can simply plant your chilli seeds straight into the soil. Remember that different varieties will take different times to germinate. If you are growing habanero peppers for example you can expect them to take up to 3 or 4 weeks to germinate.

When planting chilli seeds aim to space them about 5cms apart in normal multi purpose compost. Then lightly cover the seeds with about 0.5cm of compost and spray the tray lightly with water. Check them every day and spray with a little water if they look a bit dry. The aim is to prevent the compost from drying out rather than keeping it wet.

The two main requirements for your seedlings at this stage are heat and moisture. The optimum temperature for germination varies between species but roughly speaking can be said to be in the region of 20 – 25 degrees C.

The best advice at this stage for any budding chilli grower is to try and keep the temperature of the seeds as constant as possible. This can be achieved a number of ways such as by using a heated propagator or old electric blanket under your seed trays.

The time taken for germination varies greatly between varieties. Common varieties such Jalapeno Peppers usually germinate in anything between 1-3 weeks, other varieties such as Habenero may take up to 6 weeks or longer. Naga Peppers can take even longer sometimes going as many as 8 weeks before gaining any kind of substantial growth. The key is to be patient!

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