Hash Strains

Afghani Black 

Top grade hash from Afghanistan is becoming increasingly rare. Best results come when hydraulically pressed for a long time to enhance the flavour. It has a sweet and peppery taste and its billowing clouds of think white smoke will leave you in a haze after a couple of spliffs of this stuff.

Recommended seed pairing: Original Afghani 




Indian Hand Rubbed

Hand rubbed hash from northern India is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. It is best when smoked in a chillum which helps the spicy, aromatic smoke hit you with a fuller effect. It will leave you feeling completely off your face for some hours – use with caution.


Recommended seed pairing: Blue Hash



Gold Lebanese 

Once an abundant and frequent sight in the west Gold Lebanese is now only found in the deepest corners of the Amsterdam coffee shop world. It is still makes for an excellent smoke. It’s crumbly texture creates a well rounded, smooth smoke that doesn’t hold back on flavour. Great for a pipe or bowl.


Recommended seed pairing: Zamal Hash







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