T.H.Seeds wins again!

THSeeds bitcoin cannabis seedsAfter winning first prize with their beloved S.A.G.E. at the first annual BIO Cannabis Cup in Spain, this time MK-Ultra shows us all how great a strain it is.

MK Ultra Cannabis Seeds from BitcoinSeedstore

MK Ultra Cannabis Seeds from BitcoinSeedstore

MK-Ultra The Original OG Kush crossed with our G-13 won the High Times Cannabis Cup the first time it was entered and then again the next year. This strain is one of the strongest strains in the world and is the mother of all Kush strains. This super Indica produces very tight resin coated buds, with addictive qualities that can not be underestimated. A piney flavour that lasts and lasts and a truly hypnotic high, makes MK the ultimate head stash!

1st place best Indica  Social Clubs Cannabis Cup in Barcelona-Spain There was a competition between Clubs in Barcelona and this mega Indica again won the coveted first place. Here is a great video where you can check out the winners of this competition.


3rd place best Indica High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver High Times hosted the Cannabis Cup for the 2nd time in Denver and this year was the biggest attendance by far ever for this event. MK-Ultra took 3rd place for the best Indica strain by the Green Solution. Just in the last three months T.H.Seeds has won 3 great awards with S.A.G.E. and MK-Ultra.

At BitcoinSeedstore we are currently researching and reviewing a range of T.H.Seeds to add to our site. We will be uploading them in the coming weeks so if there are any particular strains you’d like to see us add then please do get in touch!


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