The Strongest Strains on Earth

Our friends as The Cannabist have chosen their top 25 strains, ranked according to strength. Here we give you their top 5…

Headband marijuana review (Strain Theory)
An example of Headband (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

5. Headband

Headband is a cross of a high-flying sativa with some heavy indica. Think the Ultimate Warrior coming off the top rope and landing on Andre the Giant. In stoner math, that equates to Sour Diesel X [OG Kush X Master Kush] if I still understand how the order of operations works. They list it as a sativa-dominant hybrid, something I’ve always felt swung the other way, but genetics can vary so I’ll have to trust them.

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4. Strawberry Cough

Brittany: “Strawberry Cough goes down way more smoothly than it sounds like it would. It tasted sweet and after the first hit I was struck with a significant fruity flavor. I wasn’t thinking specifically about the strain when I hit it, but the residual taste made me remember — Strawberry Cough! … So, after my sesh with the hybrid (although my jar was marked “indica”), I was on the move. Beds, made. Carpets, vacuumed. Dishes, done. Jim Croce was spinning on the record player and I was dressed head to toe with a full face of makeup. Even better — it was only 10 a.m. I had the rest of my day ahead of me.”

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3. Tahoe OG

Brittany: “The nugs were super dense, compact and had visible trichomes. The buds weren’t huge, but they weren’t tiny either. Goldilocks herself might describe them as just right … Tahoe OG is strong, friends. Really strong. One way I discern an intense strain from a more mellow one is by the degree of perma-smile attained. Sure enough, after a few minutes of consumption I could not get the grin off my mug. I felt super goofy and my partner in crime was even goofier.”


2. Blue Dream

Jake: “I’m not sure which I’ve recommended more over the past five years: Blue Dream or “Breaking Bad.” The former is seemingly ubiquitous in Colorado, and there’s something fitting about such an active, uplifting strain bearing our standard. The latter is a cable show and not marijuana, for those of you too cool to own a television but who can still afford a giant rock to live under … Blue Dream is what I always refer to as “workout weed.” I’ve jogged about as many times as Ron Burgundy, but I’ve been told on many occasions Blue Dream simulates runner’s high for those familiar with both. Zone out and crush reps, bro!”

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Ghost Train Haze, marijuana review (Strain Theory, Cannabis Cup edition)
A sample of Ghost Train Haze from Green Man Cannabis (Ry Prichard, The Cannabist)

1. Ghost Train Haze

Ry: “I am acutely familiar with the Ghost Train Haze strain, as I remember receiving some of the first seeds of this now-legendary hybrid from Scott Reach (founder and head breeder at Colorado-based Rare Dankness Seeds) all the way back in 2011. Scott said he was working on a special project using nearly all of his super-rare OG Kush mothers, and the Ghost Train Haze series of releases that followed were the result of that work. Using a selected Nevil’s Wreck male (another RD creation, a very sativa-dominant hybrid of E-32 Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze), Scott pollinated each of his mothers, including the Ghost’s OG Kush that became the namesake for the series of GTH releases. The Ghost is my personal favorite OG and I also love Haze weed, so this was a match made in heaven.”

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